Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Zentraedi Battle Pod

"Run, puny Micronians"
I've added an N-scale pedestrian to the base.

After starting out by painting up Rick Hunter’s Valkyrie, it was time to add some bad guys to the collection. Here is a few pictures of the first Zentraedi battle pod I’ve finished.

The standard Zentradi Regult Battle Pod.

The Palladium plastic sprues are quite easy to work with if you’ve got previous experience with assembling models, and the Regult Battle Pod sprue kit offers a nice variety of poses, from running, standing or swooping/flying.

Technical drawing of a Battle Pod.

As I’m building a Regult Recon Squad for the Robotech RPG Tactics rules, I need a further 5 Regults, a Quel-Regult and a Glaug leader to complete the unit. These are now on the painting desk. 

Variations of the battle pod.
Standard, recon and artillery.

In other words, the “Micronians” are in for it!
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