Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Zentraedi Battle Pod

"Run, puny Micronians"
I've added an N-scale pedestrian to the base.

After starting out by painting up Rick Hunter’s Valkyrie, it was time to add some bad guys to the collection. Here is a few pictures of the first Zentraedi battle pod I’ve finished.

The standard Zentradi Regult Battle Pod.

The Palladium plastic sprues are quite easy to work with if you’ve got previous experience with assembling models, and the Regult Battle Pod sprue kit offers a nice variety of poses, from running, standing or swooping/flying.

Technical drawing of a Battle Pod.

As I’m building a Regult Recon Squad for the Robotech RPG Tactics rules, I need a further 5 Regults, a Quel-Regult and a Glaug leader to complete the unit. These are now on the painting desk. 

Variations of the battle pod.
Standard, recon and artillery.

In other words, the “Micronians” are in for it!
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Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Rick Hunter's Valkyrie VF-1J

The 6mm Scale (1/285) VF-1J in GERWALK mode.

The box from Palladium finally arrived, and I can only say that it is worth every cent!
The rulebook is fantastic, and I really like the well produced unit/character cards affording an easy and visually appealing way to overview and build your force.

Rick Hunter.

As I scoured through the many sprues included, I realized that was going to be no to ways about it. The only way to start ones Robotech collection was by assembling and painting Rick Hunter’s Veritech Fighter, the VF-1J Valkyrie.

Another view from opposite side, 
offering a good look at some of the tiny decals.

All the Veritech fighters come in three modes (Fighter, Guardian/Gerwalk and Battloid). I decided on the Guardian as my first try at the range. The sprues hold plenty of options, almost to the degree that it becomes a little daunting. There is an assembly guide included, and with a little patience, it all came together nicely.

A Valkyrie in GERWALK mode.

A second reason for buying the Robotech RPG Tactics basic game box is the decals. They are small but masterfully detailed. With some careful use of pincers and a dry brush to position the decals, they worked like a charm, adding the final touch to the model.

The gaming piece seen from above. 
Bases are included in the RPG Tactics standard game box.

As Rick’s wingman I’m planning on Max Sterling, but before I move on to that I’ll be doing a Zentradi unit first. Battlepods up next!

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Saturday, 9 May 2015

Robotech RPG Tactics - on its way in the post

Robotech RPG Tactics by Palladium.

This marks the first entry in series of blog posts documenting my growing collection of wargaming miniatures, scale models and AAR all devoted to the fantastic universe of Robotech.

Rick Hunter in his Valkyrie.

Growing up as a kid in the 80ies Saturday and Sunday mornings meant only one thing – SKY TV and the notorious DJ Cat Show. While He-Man and G.I Joe were great shows, I was drawn to the wonderful Mecha of Robotech. 

Some of the excellent miniatures in the Robotech RPG Tactics game.

Having painted and collected historical miniatures for almost 25 years (my blog on historical miniatures), my heart skipped a beat when Palladium finally launched their Robotech RPG Tactics last year.

A walkthrough of the RPG Tactics rules.

I’ve finally bought the basic game box, which will give me the much acclaimed RPG Tactics rules, two large forces two start off my collection with, plus some nice decals for the models, which as I understand it only can be found in this box. 

Robotech Episode 1.
All 85 episodes available through Youtube.

While waiting for the box to arrive I’ve started working my way through the 85 episodes of Robotech, all available on Youtube. Its cool nostalgia to re-connect to ones childhood and at the same time realizing how amazing and innovative the show was when it first came out in 1985.